Thursday, 4 September 2014

A room with a view: Grindelwald, Switzerland

This post was mostly written over the weekend, all it needed were a few final proof reads and some extra pictures (because you can never post too many pictures of this beauty of a place) before hitting the publish button and sending it into the world wide interwebs. Then, instead of being productive and getting straight to it, I plonked my butt down and started catching up on my bloglovin feed and came across Kaelene's post on her "Room with a view" which was linking up with Emma's September link up. Seeing as I have literally just returned from a long weekend which happened to have a room with the best view ever, I decided to bite the bullet and join in on my first ever link up.  Below are a few little bits and pieces we did during our short stay in Grindelwald, our room certainly had a view (hello Eiger?!) and the views from the car, train and every other aspect of our holiday were just about as spectacular.  So without further ado, a brief, by the numbers, recap on our time in  a mountain paradise.

1 Beautiful Chalet overlooking the Eiger and the Lower Grindelwald Glacier.

4 Breakfasts eaten on our little deck overlooking the most tranquil setting (we certainly won on the accommodation front). Below is what I woke up to for four days straight.... I know! 

4 Cable car rides on death-defying cable cars that are too steep and too high…hello sweaty palms.

1 Flying Fox ride down a steep stretch of a mountain at speeds of up to 84km per hour. I may have shed a tear of nerves as I was being harnessed in, Hamish may have laughed at this.

3 Avalanches seen firsthand – two in the Upper Grindelwald glacier and one on the train down from Jungfraujoch - these beasts grumble and roar like its nobodies business!

2 Trains taken to get to the top of Europe, aka Jungfraujoch.

1 Walk along the Jungfraujoch col at approx. 3400m resulting in a minor case of altitude sickness.

2 circuits walked around the Ice palace at Jungfraujoch (yes we liked this attraction, especially the slippery, slidey, smooth floor).

1 Cheese Fondue devoured in approx. 90 seconds. (You would of thought I would have learnt my lesson after the last time in Geneva!) 

4 Breakfasts eaten on our little deck overlooking the most tranquil setting (we certainly won on the accommodation front).

1 Game of chess played with Lake Brienz in the background.

3 Hikes up to stunning waterfalls, one of these walks also was not up an actual path but rather the steep (read sheer) debris of a rock fall. We discovered this at the top, but it’s okay, we lived.

1 Ride down the mountain on a Trottibike. No pedals are needed (hence the bike has no such thing). I think my hand was on the break 99.9% of the time and I was still going faster than I would have liked but I suppose that’s what happens when you scooter down a mountain.

1 Lunch eaten at a picturesque skiing town (Kleine Scheidigg) with the North Face of the Eiger as it’s backdrop.

1 Bazillion bells heard, just gently ringing from the necks of all the cows and goats, as they do in the Alps.

2 Times down the super slide with flashing lights at the Grindelwald leisure centre – this thing was like being in a euro-trash disco for 20 seconds a pop. (There are no pics of this, so you will have to use your imagination...)

1 Swim in the near empty indoor pool – with the glass windows and the view of the mountains behind us.

1 too many slices of Swiss cheese consumed (my name rhymes with the darn thing, I have no hope).

Cheese does this to me.

1 Unforgettable holiday to be repeated every single year. 


  1. How dreamy is this - what a view!!

    1. I know! we were in awe the entire time we were there !

  2. Wow looks like you had much nicer weather at the top of Jungfrau compared to me! The area of Grindelwald (and walking to First) was my favourite spot in Switzerland. Utterly incredible!

    1. We randomly chose the best day to go to the top and we were so lukcy for it! The sky was so blue it almost look black at certain angles and the sun on the white snow was breathtaking! I love walking around the First too, its just a beatufil part of the world!

  3. This is a veritable sound of music view! Love it.

    1. Hahah, I thought the same, as well as a veritabel Heidi set up, I may have even Yodel'ed once or twice :)

  4. Switzerland looks absolutely amazing and is definitely one of the places that I would love to visit before I kick the bucket!