Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Fun: Bunny Bait Recipe

Since succumbing to peer pressure and finally joining the Pinterest bandwagon a few weeks ago, I have constantly been seeing Pins of "Bunny Bait". I had never heard of Bunny Bait before, but as it was very clear from all the pictures,  the principle ingredient was popcorn -  this was enough for me, I really didn't need to know more than that to know I just had to make bunny bait.  Added to the popcorn are variations of deee-licious junk food toppers. Since most of the recipes I could find were all US based, I had to be a bit creative and made up my own. I decided to make these to take into work and up to the family Easter gathering next weekend so I wanted them to look presentable, which can be difficult when dealing with popcorn and pretzels.  I ordered some cellophane bags online and made some card labels to seal the bags. I think they turned out pretty well for my first go.

For the labelled cellophane bags, you will need: 

Clear cellophane bags
Blue and Yellow stock card
2 Sheets of Easter themed scrapbook paper (I used pastel blue, and yellow polka dot paper)

To make the labels I printed off a white piece of paper, with "Bunny Bait" in a large font with even spacing to make it easier to cut out.  You then need to measure your stock card to the cellophane bag and cut out a square/rectangle that will fold in half into the label size you would like.  This is followed by measuring the size of the scrapbook paper you want on your label and cutting that out. Once you have all three, you simply stick them together, stock card first, followed by scrapbook paper, followed by the printed labels and voila, you are good to go!

Bunny Bait Ingredients:

1 Bag Salted Popcorn
1 Cup Mini Eggs (I used Cadburys)
1 Cup Pretzel Sticks broken into smaller bits
1/2 to 1 Cup Candy Melts
3 Pieces White Chocolate
Rainbow Sprinkles


1. Empty popcorn into a bowl ( I am totally advocating being lazy here and promoting bought ready-popped popcorn to make things quicker).

2. Pour pretzels and mini eggs onto popcorn - do not mix.

3. Melt candy melts and white chocolate as per instructions on packaging.

4. Drizzle  1/2 melted mixture onto popcorn, pretzels and mini eggs and mix. Once mixed, drizzle remaining mixture and mix again - be sure to try and keep some of the mini eggs from falling to the bottom to keep it all even.

5. Sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles over the top and give it all a good shake.

6. Let the final product sit for a few minutes (5-10) so the chocolate and candy melts can harden and then spoon into cellophane bags and seal with the card labels you made earlier.

The bag on the left was filled when the mixture hadn't cooled properly, the one on the right was done correctly and is therefore much neater and the bag is not nearly as messy. 

One word of caution, Bunny Bait is addictive, consumption in moderation is near-impossible. Good luck. 

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