Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Stories - 3 weeks in 1 (!!)

We-eell, hello there strangers! Life has gotten the best of me lately (not complaining) and I have not had a single second to sit down and blog. That may not be entirely true, I had seconds, I just chose to use them on sleeping. So in lieu of missing two Sunday Stories (and countless other travel posts I had planned) I am going to squish the past three weeks into one Sunday Stories post.   Without further ado:

Doing:  The past three weeks have been non stop crazy, but I can honestly say I have loved every second! We spent some time in Les Sables d'Olonne on the West coast of France and it was magnificent. We squeezed in beach days, bike rides, scenic road trips and just enjoyed the mini break and time spent with Hamish's parents.  Since returning from France it has been pretty jam packed - something on just about every night, I am in need of another break! The highlights include a girls night at Bubbledog, watching the most amazing circus(ey) show, Limbo, at the London Wonderground, catching up with a special family friend who actually suggested Limbo (hi Rhys), the Big Bus London blogger event where I got to meet some of my favourite bloggers in real life and was also introduced to some new awesome ones. And of course, the weather of late been pretty enjoyable too which has led to an impromptu  BBQ/chicken-dance night with some friends, a much needed breakfast date in central London with the beautiful Margs and Gaelin, a lovely picnic in Canary Wharf after work with good wine and good company and a great night out for the most scrumptious dinner at Sam and Elly's followed by some putt putt (mini-golf) in the dark (it got messy).  Needless to say, I am exhausted.

Exercising: The week we were in France, this was non-existent, but since then I have been pretty committed to burning off all the cheese, bread and wine I consumed across the channel. I have managed to fit in a few spinning classes, swims, weights circuits, 6km runs and of course, my beloved Body Pump classes. How I wish I had a healthy shoulder and could fully get into some of these exercises, kicking 40 lengths in the pool is nowhere near as fun as real swimming, not to mention skipping all the Body Pump and circuit weights aimed at shoulders and STILL being in pain. Sigh :( 

Eating: I Finally managed to visit Bubbledogs and try one of their famous hot dogs, it did not disappoint! I have found my new favourite snack EVER...Greek Yoghurt with honey, but it has to be the brand in the picture at the end of the post. France was pretty harsh on the waistline, we lived on fresh bread, all the cheese's (personal favourite is Comte...mmm), creme brulee and of course French wine (hence the need to throw myself into the gym as soon as we returned!). The picnic in the park consisting of the same diet I lived on in France, the delicious taco(s) eaten at Sam and Elly's and the two impromptu Bbq/Braai's, were a slight deviation from the healthy-gym-going lifestyle I was hoping to follow post France. regrets from this girl!

Reading: Finished the Goldfinch - I was slightly disappointed with the ending, but still really enjoyed the book as a whole. I also read the first two books of the Divergent Trilogy, (I loved the movie and the book was just as good), I have now started the the third one, Allegiance. I also managed to fit in a bit of mindless chick lit, Here's Looking at You, which I shamelessly loved.

Wanting: Sleep and to have summer working hours  and/or some extra days of leave magically sent my way. With Hong Kong, the Philippines and Switzerland booked in for the coming months, I am running rather low on leave for the year :(

Capturing: Bits and pieces of all the above:


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  2. You're one busy jetsetter! Happy to have shared some of those fun times with you :)

  3. Wow you have been incredibly busy. It was lovely to meet you the other night!