Sunday, 29 June 2014

Capturing Cape Town

In March this year, Hamish and I took a two week trip back to my home country, South Africa. You can read more about it on past posts herehere and here. I have been trying to sit down and write this post on Cape Town for approximately 3 months now. While it was a great few days, for various reasons it was also a sad and sometimes difficult few days. It ended up being a bittersweet ending to a crazy, eye-opening, but still wonderful holiday.  The strangest thing happens when you move away from home, it changes. The scenery stays the same, but the people change and their lives carry on without you and sometimes, home  feels like where you will be returning to, rather than where you set out to visit (does that make any sense?! It does in my head). The pictures-turned-movie below capture it all. There may be some blotchy faces, some blurry backgrounds and some random shots, but throughout them all, the beauty of Cape Town shines through. Which really, is all I wanted to share and be able to look back on one day, the beauty and the bright sunshiny days.   I love Cape Town, I always have and I always will - it really is one of the greatest cities in the world and I hope all of you reading this (hi mom!) are able to visit many times in your life.

**This video has music...a great song that adequately describes this part of the holiday. 

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