Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Stories

Doing:  This week has been pretty jam packed! Highlights included our monthly girls night in Clapham Junction, four of us have been getting together once a month for the past 8 or 9 months now and it's always good to have a lil catch up with a lot of wine.  I also loved babysitting the sweetest little girl, Poppy, for most of yesterday - seriously, I love spending time with this little cherub - she always makes me smile AND she was a big help spring cleaning the kitchen cupboards (even if I had to wash everything after she tried to eat just about every single Tupperware and lid).  We ended off the weekend today by preparing for Hamish's parents arrival this week and then had a lovely dinner at Giraffe on the Southbank before heading over to Aldwych to watch the amazing Rock the Ballet show with some friends - go watch these guys sweat if you get the chance, totally worth it!

Exercising: Two words - Body.Pump.   ----> This KILLED me on Wednesday, so I spent the rest of the week recovering and learning how to walk again. No joke. Thankfully, I managed to fit in a spinning class on Tuesday, so all was not lost. Here's hoping I recover quicker next time.

Eating: My new recipe of the week was homemade chicken noodle soup. I doubled the portion thinking the quantities sounded too small. Now we will be eating chicken soup for the rest of the month - good thing it was tasty!

Reading: The Goldfinch - I am really enjoying this book, nearly half way through and absolutely addicted. Starting to feel the "nearly-finished-sadness" creeping up on me. Nothing worse than finishing a good book and feeling like you have lost dear friends.

Wanting: To find out HOW I CASH IN MY WINNING LOTTERY TICKET! I won the lottery this week, really, I did. A whole £8.90. However, the lottery system clearly hates me and my winnings and will not allow me to cash it in. I have been to two separate shops and both have told me their machines won't read my ticket and kicked me out  - well, they may have been nicer than that, but still, it hurt. To make it worse, after the second rejection, in my frustration  I accidentally tore off a corner with the bar code on. I don't see this one working out for me. Oh well, next time.

Capturing: Food, flowers, sleeping babies and the loveliness that is London evenings in the Summertime.
Left to right: Poppy sleeping (I had to walk for 1hr30 to keep her asleep);  Poppy was eager to take my bike for a spin, safety first- always; London this evening after the show; tourists in our own town; Wimbledon Park last night at 9:30pm; Chicken Noodle Soup; and again; flowers in bloom in Wimbledon Park

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