Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Stories

Doing:  Everything.  Seriously, every single thing has been done this week.  We: cleaned, tidied, fetched parents (Hamish's) from airports, turned living rooms into bedrooms, cooked dinners, walked in parks at sunset, went up the Shard, went down the Shard,  walked along the Thames at sunset, went to work, came home from work (multiple times I might add), drove for 5 hours to get somewhere which is only 2.5 hours away, toured the un-stately National Trust  Calke Abbey, visited three churches, saw two weddings, took photos of all the things, chiselled concrete and paved concrete, walked one dog, shopped at one country village market,  ate roast meals, pub meals, home cooked meals, picnic meals,  Indian meals, coffee meals, ice cream meals and all things edible. I am sure I have forgotten half of the stuff we did. There was also a fair amount of Porcupine Ridge wine consumed. It was delightful.

Exercising: Aside from being one of the busiest people in the England  the world, I managed to make one spinning class and one Body Pump class.  I have to say the post- Body Pump death was slightly better this week, even though I was unable to move my arms, walking was a breeze - maybe after next weeks class both my arms AND legs will function normally, imagine that?! I think I can probably add concrete chiselling to the exercise list - it was hardcore.

Eating: All I can say on this is.... TOO MUCH. Seriously,  we spent the weekend up at my moms in the Midlands (in fact, I am still here, in the Midlands that is...probably about to eat something else soon) and she went all out on the catering. I will need to up the exercise this next week.

Reading: Still reading the Goldfinch, over half way through and still addicted...the storyline just got REAL (don't worry, I won't post spoilers here). I think I will likely finish it on the train back to London tonight :(

Wanting: To redo this weekend, but perhaps only eat half the amount of food.

Capturing: See Doing above for a more comprehensive list. Below are a few of these moments:

From top left to right and then down: Sunset along the Thames, I think I went to work on a ghost train - never have I ever seen a South West train carriage empty at 7:15am on  a weekday, another sunset shot, this little lady entered the world - well done Jen and Paul she is a beauty and I can't wait to meet her, my little rat-dog Sophie (she is much prettier when she has long hair), our new deck furniture for the summah!, paving project complete, paving project in progress with Hamish chiselling away - good work!

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