Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Stories

In a bid to try and blog more frequently and keep this space present and a bit more real, I have decided to introduce a weekly post - Sunday Stories. This will be different from my usual travel posts and will look at some of the happenings of the week that has just past.  Hope you enjoy :)

Doing: This has been the best week of mostly relaxing. Aside from meeting up with some friends during week and helping Elly move into her new apartment yesterday, I have done pretty much sweet nothing. Sometimes I love nothing more than relaxing on the couch, browsing the interwebs and catching up on all my blog reading. I am currently obsessed with the Canadian TV show, Heartland and I am devouring the episodes on Netflix in any spare time - I want a horse and I REALLY want to visit  Canada again and travel to the stunning places this show is filmed, seriously impressive scenery shots!

Exercising:  I finally got back into my running groove after completing my first 10km race this year last weekend. I managed to get in two 8km runs this week and while my heart is happy about that, the same can't be said for my feet which are now sprouting some painful blisters. Oh well, this phase passes soon enough!  I also managed to sneak in a lunch time spin class during the week - no better way to break up a long day in the office.

Eating: I tried out a delicious recipe for Toad in the Hole last night. I LOVE Yorkshire pudding so this definitely goes down as a winner in my books. Although, I think maybe it could have done with 5 or 10 more minutes in the oven to crisp it up a bit.  Oh and today, after my 8km run, I made pancakes for Hamish and I for breakfast - totally balances it all out.

Reading: It really hurts me to say this as I am a massive book worm, but I haven't read a single book this week. I blame it on the fact that my kindle battery is dead and I am out of new books anyway. Anyone have any good book recommendations for the summer?

Wanting: For this months budget to be over so I can buy some new running shoes. Also, wishing there was a summer work week where we automatically got three day weekends every single weekend during the summer months. I think I need to speak to Boris/David about this one, maybe they can sort something out for London/England.

Capturing: Mostly food this week, my toad in the hole, Ben n Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream and the view outside one lovely morning this week.


  1. You're too cute, Lou! Thanks for helping me move on Sunday. Once things are no longer in boxes I'll organise a girls night at the flat! :)

  2. love the new blog, keep it up, will bring back lovely memories when you are old and grey!! xx